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Certificate of Veterinary Inspection

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What is a CVI?

A Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) is an official USDA document stating that your veterinarian has inspected an animal or group of animals and found them to be free of infectious, contagious, and/or communicable disease. It includes your physical address, the physical address where the animal is going, and the signature and address of your veterinarian as well as official identification, breed, sex, and age of the animal. If the state of destination requires specific vaccinations or testing, this information is also included.

When do I need a CVI?

You should check with your veterinarian anytime you are traveling with or selling and shipping out of state any horses or livestock or if you are selling a companion animal and it is crossing state lines. This includes rodeos and livestock shows. If you are simply traveling out of state and taking your dog or cat with you, you do not need a CVI. Different states have different requirements for interstate travel and these requirements change regularly. Some events, such as state fairs, may require a CVI for animals traveling from within the state.

What is not included in a CVI?

A CVI is not a warranty of health. It just indicates that on physical exam, no evidence of contagious or infectious disease was found. It has no guarantee that the animal is not incubating a subclinical disease of which symptoms are not visible at the time of exam. It is not a guarantee that the animal if free of genetic problems.

For how long is a CVI valid?

A CVI is valid and useable for 30 days after it is issued.

What if I am going to multiple destinations?

A CVI can only be written for 1 destination. If the animal is going to be traveling to multiple destinations within the next 30 days, we need to write a different CVI for each destination.